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This is an open question on the QGIS User group currently 160608

I have a layer of homes (roofs) and a list of residents who are linked to a home by the roof number.  The homes are attributed via a re-blocking exercise running 1-31 and A-J, eg. 18G is a block. Within each block there may be up to 100 homes, eg. 18G-47.

So under Project Properties I set up a relation called 'households' and using the Identify Features tool I can view the members of a household by clicking on the roof. Works great, most of the time.

When I click on an E block roof (eg 18E-17) it returns all 291 XXE-XX residents on the list.  It appears to me as if the relation is reading the values as scientific notation numeric values instead of the declared TEXT status in both files.

I have an Attribute table in the a Composer window in the same project that references the same relation perfectly, ie it only returns the residents particular to eg 18E23.  

So is the Identify Features tool using a different select rule set or parameters?

I have tried to search for a previous thread on this topic without success. The pain would appear to be for me alone, but can anyone suggest a way of defining a relation to avoid this?

FWIW I'm using 2.14.3-64bit on Win7, this behaviour is true for sqlite and shp formats.

Project and sqlite file attached at base of page.
Chris Berens,
8 Jun 2016, 00:10